Course Description

CMHA’s Certified Psychological Health and Safety Training program will help individuals who are working to address the issue of mental health in workplaces by implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
This in-demand certification provides employees, managers, and leaders with an intensive learning experience focused on eliminating barriers and building the case for a mentally healthy work environment. Employers will see those with this certification as skilled change-makers, having the practical expertise to help move organizational wellness strategies forward and implement the Standard in their workplaces.

■ Learning Objectives
This certification training includes the following four key modules:

■ Introducing the Standard
Attendees need to have a strong understanding of the Standard as well as key issues related to mental health in the workplace. This module will give Advisors the fundamental knowledge they need to speak with employers about the Standard as well as some common language to use when discussing the issue of mental health.

■ Presenting the Business Case
This module focuses on helping leaders and other key workplace stakeholders see the value of adopting the Standard
and improving psychological health and safety. Attendees will learn to formulate effective messages that articulate the benefits not just for
employees, but for the bottom line as well.

■ Preparing for Assessment
Attendees will learn to help employers understand the scope, process, and necessity of collecting data, both as a baseline and as a continuous practice for adherence to the Standard. This module will focus in the practicalities of assessment, including the tools available and recommended processes.

■ Making Recommendations
Analyzing the assessment findings and recommending an action plan must be done with knowledge of the organization’s constraints, competing demands, and current realities. To be successful in sustaining implementation, Advisors will learn to recommend actions that are both valuable and manageable for employers.

To learn more about this course, please view the PH&S Information Sheet here.

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