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Think Twice

Launched in 2010, Think Twice is an anti-stigma educational initiative for junior and senior high school students and the general youth population in Newfoundland and Labrador. Delivered primarily in school settings, the one-period presentation challenges young people on their attitudes and beliefs about mental health and mental illness. It also informs students about the various mental illnesses and how they can either get help for themselves or help their friends to get help.

Think Twice consists of a highly experiential and interactive presentation that is designed specifically with youth in mind. Delivered by an Education Facilitator who has experience working with youth, Think Twice was designed to be educational yet engaging to participants, using popular culture references, teen trends, and current events to connect with teens and help them learn about the many different aspects of the stigma that exist surrounding mental illness.

The program has been presented to tens of thousands of young people in all regions throughout Newfoundland and Labrador since its implementation. Think Twice has also been offered to parents, as part of other youth programs, to education students at Memorial University, and at the National Youth Leadership Conference.

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