Recognizing the growing need for mental health training in organizations of all sizes and sectors, CMHA-NL’s online request system aims to streamline the process and provide accessible resources for employers seeking to prioritize mental well-being among their workforce.

With mental health becoming an increasingly important aspect of employee well-being, organizations are realizing the benefits of investing in mental health initiatives. By offering a simple and convenient way to access training, we hope to empower organizations to create supportive and inclusive work environments.

The online request system allows employers to browse through CMHA-NL’s extensive range of mental health training programs, which cover a broad spectrum of topics including stress management, resilience building, mental health awareness, and creating psychologically safe workplaces. The programs are carefully curated to address the unique needs and challenges faced by different organizations.

Using the online platform, employers can easily submit their training requests, providing specific details about their organization’s requirements and objectives. CMHA-NL’s team of mental health professionals will then work closely with the organization to design a customized training program that aligns with its goals.

Moreover, CMHA-NL is committed to providing flexible options, enabling organizations of all sizes to access their mental health training programs. The organization firmly believes that investing in employee mental health is an investment in the success and overall well-being of the organization.

To access the online request system and explore CMHA-NL’s mental health training programs, organizations can visit


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