Aboriginal Resource Toolkit: Suicide Prevention

The effects of colonization and governmental policies of forced assimilation continue to cause acculturative stress and marginalization amongst the Aboriginal population. Learn about risk factors, statistics, protective factors and resources with this toolkit.

Not a Child: Suicide Resource Toolkit

Every year about 12,000 children aged 5-14 years old are admitted to psychiatric hospital units for suicidal behaviour. This toolkit includes statistics, warning signs, risk factors, protective factors, and more.

Men and Suicide: A High-Risk Population

This toolkit includes a brief overview of the statistics pertaining to men and suicide, warning signs, risk factors, protective factors, recommended reading and more.

Women and Suicide: A Toolkit

Women attempt suicide two to three times more often than men while suicides have risen in recent years in Canada among teenage girls. Use this toolkit to understand what specific factors might be putting women and girls at risk.

Suicide Prevention Primer: Facts and Myths

This toolkit is a collection of basic statistics, facts, myths and suicide prevention resources.

Teen Suicide: Resource Toolkit

Teens are admitted to hospital for suicide attempts more than any other age group. Some accounts suggest as many as one quarter of all admissions are for teens. Learn the risk factors, protective factors, and more with this guide.

Male Mental Health


The stigma of mental illness can be deadly in sectors that are traditionally dominated by men. Historically, heavy manufacturing and construction sites around the world have never been perceived as environments where workers felt comfortable discussing their problems. Find strategies for addressing an often-overlooked health and safety issue in labor-intensive industries.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Workplace Mental Health Corporate Sponsor Flyer


Corporate sponsors bring valuable support, a network of people and, oftentimes. employees who are passionate about creating positive change. Help build a society where people with a mental illness diagnosis can reach out for treatment without fear, shame, or stigma.

CMHA-NL Pamphlet

Learn more about CMHA-NL, what we do, and get some quick facts about mental health with this printable pamphlet.

CMHA Brochures

Looking for mental health tips or interested in more information about a specific mental health issue? CMHA National offers a wide variety of brochures on various topics related to mental health and mental illness. To find out more please click the link below.

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