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Richard’s Story

This is Richard’s Story

The Justice Program is an essential part of my success so far in the community. My transition from prison to society has been greatly affected by my support from the Justice Program staff.

In all areas of my life, you guys have supported me. From counselling about various life issues, parents – wife – children. Helping me get to appointments. Finding me when in distress and to make sure I’m safe and helping me make the right choices. Getting in touch with different professionals for counseling and support. Setting up case conferences with child services and helping us fight for our child. Getting into St. John’s city housing and being in a safe comfortable home. Being there for me in court and helping me keep my freedom, so I could continue my own journey and raise my little girl. All of these things and more have helped me keep a level head in society.

This type of support was missing in my life and now that I have it I am out of prison over 15 months now. My life is the best it has ever been. I understand that I have done all of the work to get here, but your help and support has been the key that has helped me from slipping back into old habits, behaviors and decisions.

To actually trust your case manager is a great thing. I’ve never trusted professionals in my life, but you guys have earned my trust and respect. Anyone in your program has the best chance at reintegration available.

I am proud to be a member of the Justice Program and I thank you for your hard work and ongoing support.


Learn more about CMHA-NL’s Justice Program here.

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