Below you will find a growing list of NL municipalities which have proclaimed May 4-10, 2020 “CMHA Mental Health Week”. Packages were emailed to 277 municipalities. If you did not receive a proclamation package, please click here to download the fillable template. All signed proclamations and photos should be emailed to our Office Manager at before May 4, 2020.

Note: Submitted photos can be found at the very bottom of this page.

About Mental Health Week Proclamations

For 69 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has hosted Mental Health Week in Canada during the first week of May. CMHA-NL has requested that all municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador proclaim May 4-10, 2020 as CMHA Mental Health Week in our province.

CMHA Mental Health Week has become a tradition in Canada and is proclaimed every year by communities across the country, including the Government of Canada.

The COVID-19 reality makes this more important this year than perhaps ever before. The people of our province are experiencing unprecedented social isolation, fear, and stress that are impacting their overall mental health and well-being.

CMHA-NL staff are continuing with our mission to assure the community that no one is alone during the pandemic. Our Justice Program Case Managers are working on the frontline every day to deliver vital necessities to our clients—from distributing meals to providing crisis intervention and counseling services. Our educational and training facilitators, too, are modifying existing delivery methods to provide essential resources and support to the community, offering free online training and creating opportunities to connect to one another.

This year, CMHA Mental Health Week is bringing the importance of social connection to the fore, highlighting how supporting one another can help protect our mental health. To adhere to physical distancing measures, we are celebrating this message in creative ways – one of which is asking people to “Light It Up Green”. We appreciate your support and hope you will encourage everyone across the province to get involved in this unique awareness initiative. View our MHW 2020 events here.

Signed Proclamations:




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