Kids Have Stress Too

Kids Have Stress Too! program  is a broad-based primary prevention program. The mission is to provide parents, caregivers and communities with the knowledge, awareness and skills to help children become healthier and more resilient through learning how to manage their stress effectively.

Kids Have Stress Too! is a project of The Psychology Foundation of Canada and was developed in collaboration with Toronto Public Health and the Toronto District School Board. The groundwork for the program is based on the work of Dr. Harold Minden, Professor Emeritus at York University and author of Two Hugs for Survival.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada supports the research that shows that even very young children can be taught stress management techniques. Once learned, these techniques will help them cope with stress as they grow and develop into the teenage years and later in adult life. Kids Have Stress Too! starts from the premise that empowering parents to see stress from the child’s point of view will enhance the parent-child relationship and improve family life.

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