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Mar 2, 2017-– CMHA-NL, in partnership with St. John's Board of Trade Ambassadors, are pleased to present the At Work Program Lecture Series. Please click here for more details!

CMHA NL is excited to be delivering their new Employment Support Program in collaboration with Service Canada called At Work/Au Travail. The federally funded program is designed to provide supported employment related services to individuals who are living with a mental health illness and who want to find competitive employment.

Mission Of The Program

The mission of the Program is aligned with the values of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and supports the right of individuals to choose and access competitive employment. By providing competitive, community based employment opportunities will allow individuals to have an improved quality of life, self-determination, independence, self-reliance and social equity.

What We Do

Provide employment support, job maintenance and job retention services to individuals living with a mental health illness and who are facing various barriers to employment. The program is designed to provide individualized employment planning, career counselling and pre-employment preparations.

As Employment Case Managers we will work one-on-one with individuals and provide support on a time unlimited basis. We will also provide pre-employment workshops and training in order to ensure that each individual is properly prepared for competitive employment.

Who Are Eligible To Participate In The Program?

In order to be accepted into the program an individual must be over the age of 16 and self-identifies with living with a mental health illness. They must either be unemployed or underemployed (working less than 20 hours a week) and is legally entitled to work in Canada. Individuals, who are highly motivated and ready to obtain competitive employment while at the same time requiring assistance to prepare for, obtain and maintain competitive employment. Eligible individuals cannot be EI eligible.  

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For more information regarding the At Work/Au Travail program please contact the Employment Case Managers

Angie Barrington                                              

Employment Case Manager                           

Tel: (709) 753-8550 Ext. 112 Fax: (709) 753-8537       


Ken Kavanagh

Employment Case Manager

Tel: (709) 753-8550 Ext. 110; Fax: (709) 753-8537