Think Twice

In Fall 2010, CMHA-NL introduced a new anti-stigma educational initiative called Think Twice for high school students and the general youth population in Newfoundland and Labrador. Delivered primarily in school settings, the one-period presentation challenges young people on their attitudes and beliefs about mental health and mental illness. It also informs students about the various mental illnesses and how they can either get help for themselves or help their friends to get help.

Think Twice is designed as a highly interactive presentation and involves all students in the class. It makes use of role playing, examples, and pop culture references, as well as discussions about the impact of bullying and rumours in high school on mental health.

Since its launch, Think Twice has been delivered in all regions of the province. In Fall 2011, we will be offering a session for junior high students. A teacher information session for professional development days and specific groups has also been developed for teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

All programs are free of charge and can be presented at a time that is suited to the teachers as well as the students. The presentation size can also be tailored to individual classes or full auditoriums depending on your needs and the time and space constraints.

For more information about Think Twice and to arrange a presentation, please contact Grant Fitzpatrick, Education Facilitator, at (709)738-8258.

Other Resources

'Stop the Secret' is CMHA-NL's educational video designed for high school students, educators and parents. Watch the video below to watch and pay-it-forward! Education is the answer; recovery is possible.






For resources to support high school students, parents, and educators and school staff in addressing issues related to mental health and mental illness in secondary school, please visit CMHA National's Curriculum Guide site.